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A wide variety of associations, across North America, have opted to use ReturnMe tags to solicit new members, reward long standing ones, and provide seasonal gifts to its constituents. Why it resonates: Receiving a ReturnMe tag is a visual reminder that you’re part of a group. Groups and associations provide safety and support and so does a ReturnMe tag. How it benefits: Associations rely on membership fees and donation support. Seeing a visual reminder of the brand keeps the members connected and involved. 



Thousands of dealers, manufacturers, rental car agencies, collision centers, detailing outfits, and parts companies use ReturnMe tags for first-time customers, loyal customers, and VIPs that join their membership programs.

Why it resonates: Over 50% of car owners in North America use their car daily. This provides tremendous visibility to a brand message that’s attached to your car keys, given the statistics. How it benefits: With the replacement cost of a key fob nearing $500, a simple ReturnMe tag can save the owner a lot of money and build brand recognition at the same time. Everyone wins when a ReturnMe tag is found and returned to its rightful owner. 



You can’t build if you don’t have tools. So why not use ReturnMe decals to protect lost or misplaced tools? Why not use ReturnMe tags to protect lost or misplaced tool kits?

But if you’re not protecting the workers, it might be a terrific idea to provide peace of mind to construction buyers; in other words, home buyers. Home buyers typically move their most prized possessions to their new homes. Luggage tags, bag tags, and decals are perfect for protecting valued items.

And you might evenwant to present your new home owners with a ReturnMe key tag attached to their brand new house keys. That’s a win!



Colleges, universities, high-schools, and private education institutions love ReturnMe tags because they protect their students’ belongings. They’re also a fan favorite amongst alumni associations as a practical award for donations and membership. Why it resonates: Graduates are fiercely loyal to their alma maters. Putting a school crest or insignia on a ReturnMe tag that’ll be used frequently plays to that loyalty and pride. How it benefits: When your belongings are returned because of the ReturnMe tag you’re using, coupled with the institution’s branding, it’s a win-win for both parties.



Financial institutions around the world use ReturnMe tags for new customers, long time customers and for the signing of new mortgages. They are perfect for a wide variety of promotions and customer appreciation gifts.



Fundraisers and not-for-profit organizations love the value ReturnMe offers by using lost and found tags to incent donors to reach target donation levels. They’re also used to raise awareness at charity events like marathons, gala dinners, and speaking events.



Governments exist to protect and guide their constituents. Whether they’re maintaining community relations at a local fair or hosting a community event, ReturnMe tags are a wonderful gift that provide security against lost goods.

ReturnMe tags are also an ideal campaigning gift that reinforce the notion of protection. They’re memorable, provide a highly visible advertising space, and serve the recipient for years to come. What better way to be remembered?

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Health Care

Health, at its very core, is about protection, safety, and vitality. Use ReturnMe tags to align the message of healthcare protection with a product solution that protects your physical property.

Or, use ReturnMe decals and tags to protect your valuable medical devices, many of which are priceless. ReturnMe tags have been seen on wheelchairs, walkers, fitness trackers, heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, crutches, and the like.

Health care companies have also used ReturnMe postcards with decals as an innovative way to recruit and prospect new customers. With one postage stamp, a ReturnMe postcard can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States.



Insurance companies are all about providing protection to their customers and employees, which is why ReturnMe tags are a no-brainer as they extend another unique form of protection for their valuable items.



The manufacturing sector competes locally and globally. This is why it’s important to promote one’s brand. One of the best ways to do this is to use ReturnMe tags at manufacturing trade shows and conventions. Be remembered when prospects are shopping amongst hordes of competitors.

Many manufacturers also use ReturnMe tags as a value-add to their existing product. For example, in order to stand out from their competition, luggage manufacturers might include a ReturnMe tag with purchase, differentiating themselves from other luggage manufacturers. In the manufacturing segment, the possibility of including a ReturnMe tag with purchase is limitless. Think car manufacturing and technology.

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Pet stores, kennels, breeders, groomers, and pet play centers appreciate the usefulness and customization capabilities inherent in ReturnMe’s pet tags. Pets are members of the family that don’t talk. A small investment in a tag is a tiny price to pay to safeguard your beloved animal should it ever get lost.



The retail world is cut-throat. Visibility and memorabilityare keys to success and longevity. Using ReturnMe tags as a gift with purchase provides a fantastic way to differentiate and add value for customers.

ReturnMe decals and tags have also been used, with great success, as lead magnets. When a ReturnMe tag is given to a customer, the option exists to capture the recipient’s contact information, which is highly prized for retailers in order to stay connected to their customers.



Accounting and law firms, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, consultants, and professional coaches, have all used ReturnMe tags and decals as ways to stay top-of-mind with their valued clients.

Whether being used as an office giveaway or at trade shows and customer events, ReturnMe products provide one of the most constantly visible means of advertisement while, at the same time, protecting valuables such as keys, technology, equipment, and other valuables.

Many services companies also take advantage of ReturnMe postcards to attract more customers. With one postage stamp, nearly any ReturnMe product can be sent anywhere in the country as a perfect advertising piece.



People are fanatical about their favorite sports teams, which is why teams across North America use ReturnMe tags to reward season ticket holders, conduct game day giveaways, and partner with co-sponsors to build brand recognition and team fanfare.



Tech companies need to give in their own likeness. ReturnMe’s innovative lost and found system is the perfect complement to a new software or game release, a subscription gift, or as an incentive to attract attention prior to an IPO.



Is there a better gift for a traveler? From hotels and resorts, to airlines, to travel agencies, to tourist attractions; ReturnMe tags are a dream for travelers that don’t want to lose their valuables on vacation.     

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