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Why ReturnMe

The world’s largest lost & found company

About ReturnMe

ReturnMe was founded in 2007 to address the costly problem of losing valuable items. Since then, ReturnMe has become the world’s largest global recovery service, protecting millions of items across the world. ReturnMe designed their recovery tags to protect all valuables. Owners protect many different types of items such as keys, luggage, cell phones, wallets, laptops, pets and much more! Whatever you can lose, ReturnMe can protect! 80% of lost items that have a ReturnMe tag are returned to their owner. We've had tens of thousands of successful recoveries.

How it all started

The ReturnMe concept was born in 2003. ReturnMe’s founder, Suhail Niazi, moved into his new home. Pasha, his cute white Persian cat went missing and didn’t return home. Pasha’s pet tag had Suhail’s old contact number which was no longer in service since he moved and had to change his landline phone number. So even if someone found Pasha, they had no number to reach him at! Suhail wondered, "What if the phone number on the tag went to a number which would never change and be answered by someone 24/7"? In hopes to resolve this problem for himself and many others, Suhail launched ReturnMe a few years later. Luckily, after posting dozens of posters around the block, Pasha was found a few days later and was happy to be back home.


Trusted by World's Largest Brands


We help our corporate clients get their brands on their customers’ most valuable items 24/7, 365 days a year, providing them peace of mind, safety & security while building incredible brand awareness & customer loyalty.

Unique & Useful

Give your customers a unique, useful & practical gift that they will actually want and use for years to come.



Keep your customers safe & secure by them not having to display their information for the world to see!


Worldwide service

No matter where your valuables are found, ReturnMe can help ship them wherever you'll be!


Incredible Brand exposure

Your tags come in a full color, stunning photo quality finish and include a 5 year warranty with a lifespan of 12-15 years!


Save replacement costs

On average $2600 in replacement cost is spent in a lifetime. ReturnMe helps prevent that from happening as over 80% of the lost items get returned!


Reward for Finder

ReturnMe takes care of rewarding those returning you valuables, which incentivizes finders to report your lost items.


Marketing Card

Your full colored double sided marketing card is perfect for direct mailing and sharing information with your customers.


Lifetime service

ReturnMe's service is free for life & never expires! We also offer free worldwide shipping for the first year!


24/7 Recovery Agent

ReturnMe recovery agents work around the clock to ensure the safe retrieval of the lost items from anywhere in the world


Top Benefits

  • Useful: Give your users a branded gift of protection which allows them to protect valuables. Companies can use it as trade show giveaways, gifts for renewal, etc. 

  • It Works!: Over 80% of lost items protected with a ReturnMe tag are returned!

  • Confidential: No private information is displayed on the tags, nor is any registered information sold.

  • Reduces stress: Gives users satisfaction of knowing that valuables are protected.

  • Worldwide Protection: Registered items are protected all across the world.

  • Saves replacement expenses: Replacing valuables can be pricey, particularly key fobs and cellphones! Customers 

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