Top Benefits



  • Useful: Allows users to protect valuables by attaching tag(s) to items they wish to protect. Companies can use it as a trade show giveaway. 

  • It Works!: Over 80% of lost items protected with a ReturnMe tag are returned!

  • Confidential: No private information is displayed on the tags, nor is any registered information sold.

  • Reduces stress: Gives users satisfaction of knowing that valuables are protected.

  • Worldwide Protection: Registered items are protected worldwide.

  • Saves replacement expenses: Replacing valuables can be pricey, specially key fobs or keychains; getting it back is much better.

Why we are #1

Over 80% of items protected by ReturnMe get returned!

Please note that ReturnMe sells through its promotional distributors. If you would like to place an order, receive more information or samples please contact your local promotional distributor. If you do not have a promotional distributor fill out the form below and ReturnMe will connect you to a distributor in your area.

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All samples requests are shipped within 48 hrs from Florida (USA requests) or Montreal (Canadian requests). Samples are shipped ground unless specified. A sample pack of 10 mixed tags will be sent.

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