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Your brand on the most valuable items of your customers. 24/7, 365 days a year.

How it's packed

Your branded tags are packaged on a double sided full color personalized marketing card.

Perfect for direct mail !!!

Data capture (upgrade)

You will get real time access to the customer data, collect survey data and redirect traffic to your site or social media pages 


1. Activate and attach

Customers activate each tag ID# by going online and then attach the tags to the items they wish to protect 

2. If lost...

Finders are motivated
to contact ReturnMe 24/7 via phone or online

3. Relax!

If lost & found, ReturnMe’s Recovery Service will facilitate the return of your item from anywhere in the world at no charge​

Trusted by the World's Largest Brands

Please note that ReturnMe sells through its promotional distributors. If you would like to place an order, receive more information or samples please contact your local promotional distributor. If you do not have a promotional distributor fill out the form below and ReturnMe will connect you to a distributor in your area.

Order Free Samples

Samples sell ... time to get some!
All samples requests are shipped within 48 hrs from Florida (USA requests) or Montreal (Canadian requests). Samples are shipped ground unless specified. A sample pack of 10 mixed tags will be sent.

Request Free Virtuals

Time to impress your clients!
Fill out this form and we will send you a beautiful virtual to share with your clients within 48 hrs

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