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Case Study: WPR


Setup process was great!

The item is a little more complex than a t-shirt/mug so I did have quite a few questions. You answered everything very thoroughly and there weren’t really any surprises along the way. I’d say it was pretty easy, but did require some back and forth than the typical premium. I was specifically looking for

an item that would work for a

$5/mo or $60 pledge. Donors responded great, 550 were taken during a 9-day drive. That’s a pretty high takeage for our station.


This pledge drive WPR is featuring a handy "Thank You" that could help you out in a bind.

We promoted it on-air, on the web as well as in our e-asks.

I would recommend creating a special webpage with an image and descrip- tion of the tags (we used so pitchers can adlib and direct listen- ers to visit the page for more informa- tion.

wpr ...png

For more information about Return.Me’s Global Recovery Service www.Return.Me/page/b2b

Contact us & Request Samples Leslie Barbera - Forest Incentives
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