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Case Study: Telus


After years of NHL hockey ending with the regular season, Flames fans from across the city made sure the “Red Mile” was lit up as bright as ever to welcome playoff hockey back to the city of Calgary. To celebrate this year’s unexpected success, Telus decided they wanted share in the experience by giving Flames fans access to a new and exciting gift, Free Lost and Found Protec- tion courtesy of ReturnMe’s Global Item Recovery Service.

With all of the partying going on in and around  Calgary’s  famous “Red  Mile”, Telus wanted to offer fans an easy way to ensure items lost and found, during and after celebrations were being returned to their rightful owners – at no cost to them.


This is the second time this year Telus has provided Flames fans with access to ReturnMe recovery tags. Earlier in the season the Flames used these gifts as a way to inform fans of the arrival of Free Wi-Fi being made available at Calgary home games.


For the playoffs, 16 Telus locations in the Calgary area began handing out Free Lost & Found Recovery Service Tags. All fans had to do was to go online to activate the recovery tag and then proudly display it with the Flames logo right on their phone or any other mobile device they wanted to protect - it’s that simple!


For more information about              Return.Me’s Global Recovery Service

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