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Why Purchase your Luggage Tags from ReturnMe?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Why wouldn't you?

Luggage tags are staples. Nearly everyone travels with a luggage tag in order to identify their luggage. You’ve probably sold tons of them over your career in the promotional products industry. Or have you? Because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on significant sales of a staple item that nearly everyone uses.

Whether you do or don’t sell luggage tags, you need to know how to provide the kind of value that’s going to elevate the relationship you have with your customers. Being in the promo industry is all about serving. Ideally, you want to serve the advertiser’s brand needs and the individual user’s needs. I want to show you how to do this by focusing on luggage tags. Are you ready? What I’m about to share is going to benefit you and your customers!

Your everyday luggage tag has two purposes. Have a look at this image below before I share an unbelievable idea…

In this image, you can clearly see that there’s a place for a company’s logo and a place for one’s personal info (in the event that your luggage is lost). Let me ask you a question: What would happen if your personal information (your phone number, your house address, your email address) were to fall into the wrong hands? Here’s another question: What would happen if the wrong person found out your home address while you were away on vacation?

Look at the stunning artwork on this luggage tag. It’s full-color photo finish printing. It’s domed with epoxy so that it’ll virtually last forever. No scratching, no destruction of the logo, no withering.

Have a look at the opposite side:

Without having to disclose any information whatsoever, if your luggage is lost and if you’ve got a ReturnMe tag attached to your luggage, it’ll be returned. Not only will it be returned, but the finder will receive a reward for having done a good deed.

So let’s evaluate the differences between a traditional luggage tag and ReturnMe’s option:

The question is, for more or less the same cost as a traditional luggage tag, why wouldn’t you add value and provide a luggage tag that has all of the above advantages? We’re guessing it’s probably because you’re unaware of what’s available when it comes to luggage tags.

Well, now you know…

...that ReturnMe supplies the BEST luggage tags in the industry with a retrieval service that no other company in North America offers to the promotional industry.

The next time you’re preparing ideas for a customer, be sure to include a ReturnMe luggage tag into your presentation, telling your customers about the incredible value and service that comes along with this magnificent product and branding solution.

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