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Case Study: OSPE

Challenges: Increase the value of an OSPE membership by providing something tangible and useful that will benefit the members that can be easily mailed for under $1.00 . Another goal was to help maintain and grow membership numbers.

Solution: OSPE Branded ReturnMe tags for members keys, mobile devices and luggage.




Benefits: Members who register their key tags, mobile tags or luggage tags will have their valuable property enrolled in the lost and found program for the duration of the life of their tags.


Results: A growing contingent of Ontarian engineers who feel respected by the society and who have benefitted from the coverage provided by ReturnMe. OSPE started their first order in 2017, now 6 years later they continue to offer new members ReturnMe protection.


The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is a membership community. It’s designed to represent the province’s engineers by advocating with governments to elevate the profile of the profession and create opportunities for increased learning and networking. Offering value to its members is a primary function. Creating an environment in which members share their valuable insights is another important component of the community.


In 2017, OSPE elected to use ReturnMe’s recovery tag system to enhance the membership value. Recognizing that their members are constantly commuting between projects and that modern day commerce is primarily transacted through mobile devices, two ReturnMe products were selected as value enhancers. The two products included a key tag and a mobile tag. In 2018, OSPE introduced luggage tags along with an updated packaging.


The fact that both types of recovery tags are useful in retrieving often lost items such as car keys and mobile devices was not lost on OSPE’s Marketing and Membership Manager, Mr. Baijul Shukla. He strategically selected these items because he knew that if/when a member lost their keys or smartphone, getting them returned safely would be a huge win (and save their members hundreds of dollars, if not more).


An additional benefit was the registration survey that launches right after an OSPE member registers their recovery tags. The survey proved to be a tremendous vehicle for soliciting the very important opinions of their members; something that ranks high on their mission objectives.


To date, the inclusion of ReturnMe tags has been a resounding success for the society’s members and has proven its value by being responsible for retrieving and returning over 100 items for OSPE members.

Mr. Shukla maintains that, “Every organization or association says it cares about the wellbeing of their members, so we wanted to reinforce that by providing them with a complimentary gift of lifetime recovery protection for their mobile devices.”

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