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The gift box offers your customers a luxurious gift showing them how much you value their support and loyalty! Imagine the daily branding of their keys and travel bags for years to come. Want to offer them even more? Add 2 Mobile Decals and protect their mobile devices too!

Gift Boxes (GB)

One-time setup $125 (G)

Different colors & patterns of gift boxes available.

Production time = 15 - 18 days

100 (C)
250 (C)
500 (C)
2 Key Tags + 2 Luggage Tags
2 Luggage Tags
1 Key Tag + 1 Luggage Tag
2 Key Tags
1 Luggage Tag
Price Includes:
  • Beautiful gift box with silver foil/full-color logo imprint

  • Metal epoxy domed full-color tags

  • Stainless steel loop

  • Double-sided marketing card included

  • Lifetime ReturnMe Service with free return shipping for the first year


How it's Packaged 

All branded tags are packaged on a branded full color double sided marketing card. Marketing cards come in many shapes and sizes such as greeting cards and dye cuts, perfect for direct mail. Other packaging options available (retail packaging, poly bags, etc.)

Why ReturnMe Tags

ReturnMe tags are a MUST-have on anything you don’t want to lose. If you can lose it, ReturnMe can protect it.



ReturnMe is always here for you! We have recovery agents working around the clock 24/7/365. ReturnMe is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you!


Recovery Agents 24/7

You know the service works anywhere in the world, it’s going to save you money, your personal information is safe, we’re here for you whenever you need us. The only thing you should be worried about is if you have activated your tag(s) yet! Nothing else! We’ve got you covered.


Reduces Stress

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at that beautiful resort but your cell phone got lost along the way? How are you going to show everyone how awesome your vacation was? Not to worry, no matter where your cell phone (or any other valuable) is found ReturnMe can help ship it to you wherever you’ll be!


Worldwide Shipping

Imagine losing your luggage and all your personal information is on your tag, now that’s not really smart is it? Now everyone has your personal information, and worst of all, they’ll know you’re away from home! ReturnMe is confidential as your personal information is never displayed on the tags nor shared with anyone without your permission!



ReturnMe’s system works anywhere in the world. You can travel wherever you want and know that your ReturnMe tags will come in handy when needed most.

Worldwide Protection


The initial feeling of losing something important – hits you right in the gut. But it only gets worse once you realize how much it’s going to cost you to replace it. Save your money and don’t worry about having to replace them again by using ReturnMe tags on everything valuable and important to you.


Save Replacement Costs

Now it wouldn’t be very nice if we didn’t thank those kind-hearted people who found your lost item. ReturnMe rewards them for you by protecting their precious belongings for free! The coolest part about our tags is that they say ReturnMe for Reward on them, which motivates finders to get your valuables back to you!


Reward For Finder

That's right! You're not seeing things, ReturnMe's service is free for life! We also offer optional paid memberships to blow you away with our unmatched service.


Lifetime Service

Custom Boxes Available 

Confidential and secure as your customer’s name, number and address are not printed on.



What material are the tag(s) made of?

The key and luggage tags are made of stainless steel metal with an epoxy dome finish which enhances the look, quality and durability. The mobile decal tags are a vinyl material which is then laminated for added protection against fading as well. The gift box is made with cardboard with a paper wrapping. EVA foam insert hold the tags inside the gift box.

What is included in the price?

The branded gift box packaging with silver foil imprint logo, the branded tag(s), the branded insert card with the instructions and the metal loop(s) if your gift box includes luggage tags.

What size is the gift box?

Generally these are the sizes of the gift boxes depending on the gift box ordered:  3.35" x 3.35" / 3.85" x 2.6" / 4.85" x 3.5" / 5.5" x 4.3". If you would like a custom size please contact us with your request.

Does the gift box come in different colors or designs?

Yes it does! We can make the gift box in any color you like for orders over 1000. You can also request a different color foil imprint or full color screen printing of your logo. Contact your rep for additional options as well as different styles/designs available.