The ReturnMe Digital Tag App

ReturnMe is proud to announce the WORLD’S FIRST & ONLY digitally branded recovery protection for mobile devices.


A new and unique service which helps customers get their lost mobile devices back, all while giving you 24/7 brand exposure on their lock screens!

All this while you capture valuable survey and customer data!

The ReturnMe Digital Tag App

How it works for your brand

How it works for your brand

Easy setup 

A dedicated Activation ID for your brand to share with your customers

Customer can select from your brand images or from their favorite photos

Customize lock screen by zooming, rotating 

and changing colors

Your brand displayed while customer creates their ReturnMe account
(Data capture)

"Your entire life is on your cellphone, laptop or tablet, so definitely you don’t want to lose it... this idea is genius"


Daymond John

Shark Tank - ABC  

How it works for your customer