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CASE STUDY : Bombardier

Challenge: Bombardier was looking for a high perceived gift to offer their trainees after completing their training course. Since people were coming from around the world for training and were known to travel often, they wanted something geared for travelers.


Solution: A greeting card with 4 branded ReturnMe recovery tags to protect luggage, keys and a mobile device, great for travelers and gave a high perceived impression.


Benefits: Benefits included full color decoration, full color packaging, and lost and found service.


Results: Trainee’s received gorgeous tags with lost and found capabilities and loved the functional gift. Bombardier choose to move forward for a 3 year program offering all their training centers in Canada and the USA this gift. Other departments of Bombardier expressed interest and ordered for their tradeshows and events.

Among other things, Bombardier is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of transportation vehicles, spanning the airline industry, railway, and recreation. They also provide extensive training to those that purchase their products and for those that have to service them.

Bombardier wanted to thank their customers for their significant investment in training by providing each trainee a gift that would enhance goodwill and bolster their brand image. To satisfy this need, they settled on a ReturnMe gift pack that included two luggage tags, a key tag, and a recovery sticker for a mobile phone. The whole kit was packaged in a stunning gift card a la Hallmark.


Knowing full well that their trainees would be traveling to the training facility in the Canadian Province of Quebec, the idea to provide a couple of luggage tags took on the significance of being immediately useful. Plus, it was a given that everyone would have a mobile phone and that the key tag could either be used personally or given to a loved one.


When the gifts were distributed, recipients were stunned by the immaculate full colour artwork, beautifully showcasing the machinery on which the students would be training. The whole idea resonated because Bombardier and the distributor had a keen understanding of their audience and wanted to appeal to their fascination and love of the beautiful machinery. Mission accomplished!


ReturnMe is the world’s largest global recovery service and boasts a stunning 90% successful return rate, when something’s been lost with a ReturnMe tag attached to it. In the case of this particular campaign, one of the Bombardier employees who received the gift lost his mobile phone a matter of days after applying and activating the mobile tag. Guess what? His phone was found, and returned safely, all in a matter of less than 48 hours. This isn’t the only success story pertaining to this particular campaign, which is why the customer (Bombardier) was over the moon about the efficacy of this particular promotion.


This particular campaign has been so successful that it’s lasted for three full years. And word of mouth travels quickly as evidenced by the other Bombardier departments that have adopted similar campaigns. In fact, even the Bombardier retail store picked-up on the trend and decided to include the offering. Now that’s the sign of a successful campaign!

Have a look at some of the testimonials below and at the actual images of the gift. If it’s creativity and practicality you’re looking for, please contact our Customer Care team so that we can provide you with spec samples and idea decks that will astonish your customers and provide a truly unique experience that will generate long lasting goodwill and appreciation from your customers.

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