The only Heavy Duty Retractable Touch Tool offering unique branding opportunities



What better way to promote your brand than offering valuable protection?

Help those you care about with a valuable gift of safety. 

  • Size closed: 2.87 x 1.29 inches

  • Size open: 4.88 x 1.29 inches

  • Patent pending retractable design

  • Made out of strong polycarbonate plastic - 2x stronger than PVC designs

  • Includes silicone tip for touchscreen usage

  • Packaged on a full-color 4x6 postcard in a poly-bag

  • Optional branded belt reel also available

  • Premium packaging available: gift boxes, travel pouches, and more!

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Get your hands dirty? No thanks.

Adapting to the new normal means that consumers are increasingly worried about touching possibly-contaminated surfaces.

Touchscreens, door handles, mailboxes, check-in kiosks, ATM machines... You name it, it can carry germs or worse.

TOUCH-AID Pro is here to resolve that problem:

  • It's touchscreen-enabled: sign for packages & use touch screens of all types!

  • Perfect to press buttons: elevators, vending machines, water fountains, crosswalks, ATM machines, etc.

  • Easily pulls and pushes door , and much more!

Fully retractable

  • Retract contact point after use

  • Keep your keys/valuables clean

  • Significantly reduce potential germ load

Using TOUCH-AID PRO affords you the freedom of handling your day-to-day activities while keeping you & your loves ones safe.

ReturnMe sign.jpg

The only touchless tool with lost and found protection.

We're ReturnMe, the world's largest lost and found company. Since 2007, we've been all about providing peace of mind and safety to our customers. TOUCH-AID PRO is our latest initiative to help our customers feel safe and secure.

We've returned tens of thousands of lost items to their rightful owners, and we protect millions of valuables worldwide.

Our system is simple: activate your recovery tag and place it on the item you're looking to protect. It takes less than a minute to activate, but it comes with lifetime peace of mind. If someone finds your lost item, we will facilitate its return to you from anywhere in the world. ReturnMe then rewards the finder for their help!

TOUCH-AID PRO comes with the ReturnMe service integrated. That way, your keys are protected from loss, and you are protected from touching possibly contaminated surfaces.



ReturnMe's brand-new product! The first of its kind, a unique patent-pending retractable touch tool offering unparalleled branding. Your customers will thank you for reducing their exposure to germs. TOUCH-AID PRO is the only touch tool offering lost and found protection! 

Price / Unit
$ 6.05
$ 5.65
$ 5.25

One-time setup $50

Add branded belt reel for $2.50. Sale price: $1.25

Price Includes:
  • Full-color Polycarbonate plastic retractable touch tool

  • Touchscreen-enabled silicone tips

  • Double-sided marketing card included in poly bag, premium packaging available

  • Lifetime ReturnMe service with free return shipping for the first year

  • 2-3 day shipping within North America

  • ReturnMe is the importer of record and is responsible for all customs & duties when orders are shipped on ReturnMe's account

Up to 25% off when combining several ReturnMe products together

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How your brand can use TOUCH-AID


Return to Work kit 

Great as part of a PPE/welcome kit for employees returning to work/new employees


Protect your workers, comply with safety regulations, limit your liability


TOUCH-AID PRO is a great giveaway for trade-shows, recruitment events and exhibitions. 


These events will be fundamentally changing in our NEW normal - showing your potential customers that you care about their well-being is strong brand positioning.

... and more

We are more than glad to help you integrate TOUCH-AID PRO into your campaigns.

Our sales agents will be glad to assist you in finding new and innovative ways for you to use TOUCH-AID PRO to generate more leads, retain more customers, drive your brand loyalty, and much more. 

Trusted by the world's largest brands:


Frequently asked questions

Come posso comprare un'opera di Giglia Acquaviva? How can I buy a work of Giglia Acquaviva?

You can buy a work of Giglia Acquaviva 1) Raggiungendo uno dei suoi eventi (clicca qui per vedere eventi) 1) Reaching one of her events(click qui her to view events) 2) Raggiungendo il suo studio (clicca qui per prenotare un appuntamento) 2) Reaching her personal studio (click qui to request an appointment) 3) Chiedendo una visita/soppralluogo. 3) Requesting a personalized home visit 4) Contattandoci, specificando l'opera scelta e richiedendo la spedizione 4) Contacting us, specifying the chosen work, and requesting delivery.

Le opere di Giglia sono fatte interamente a mano?                                                   Are Giglia's paintings entirely handmade?

Si, linea per linea, colore per colore. Yes, line by line, color by color

È possibile commissionare un'opera personalizzata?                                             Is it possible to commission a picture on request?

Si, è possibile commissionare un'opera personalizzata, senza costi adizionali, con la possibilità d'accordare misure, colori, soggetto, in base alle caratteristiche del arredamento. Yes, it's possible to commission a painting upon request, without additional costs, with the possibility of agreeing on the size, color, design and subject, based on the characteristics of the environment.

Sarebbe possibile provare senza impegno d'acquisto qualche opera sulla parete di casa mia?                                                                                                         It's possible to try for free and without obligation a work of my choice on the wall of my house?

Certo, chiedendo il vostro appuntamento, potete approffitare una prova gratuita e senza impegno d'acquisto. Le nostre zone più visitate sono Lazio,Toscana e Abruzzo, Italia. By agreeing by appointment, yes. You can get a free trial. Our most visited areas are Lazio, Toscana e Abruzzo, Italy.

Le opere possiedono certificato d'autenticità?                                                     Do the pictures have a certificate of authenticity?

Si, tutte le opere possiedono certificato d'autenticità. Yes, all the work have certificate of authenticity.

Le opere possono essere spedite?                                                                     Can pictures be sent?

Si, tutte le opere possono essere spedite in tutta Europa e resto del mondo. Ci prendiamo cura dell'imballaggio e di stipulare una spedizione assicurata. Yes, all paintings can be shipped all over Europe and the rest of the world We take care of the packaging and of taking out an insured shipment.


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