The only touch tool with

lost and found protection. Customizable to your brand. 



What better way to show your employees you care than offering valuable protection?

TOUCH-AID is a valuable gift of safety and protection.

  • Solid epoxy-domed metal

  • Contact points made from silicone for touchscreen usage

  • Packaged on a double-sided instruction card with additional space for your personalized message.

  • Optional branded belt reel also available

  • Premium packaging available: gift boxes, travel pouches, and more!

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Trusted by the world's largest brands:

Get your hands dirty? No thanks.

Adapting to our new normal means that people are increasingly worried about touching possibly contaminated surfaces.

Touchscreens, door handles, mailboxes, check-in kiosks, ATM machines... All these surfaces can be just as (if not more) contaminated then the toilet seat!

TOUCH-AID is here to resolve that problem:

  • It's touchscreen-enabled: use touch screens of all types

  • Perfect to press on buttons: elevators, vending machines, water fountains, crosswalks, ATM machines, etc.

  • Easily use doors and handles

  • And much more!

The only touchless tool with lost and found protection.

We're ReturnMe, the world's largest lost and found company. Since 2007, we've been providing peace of mind and safety to our customers. TOUCH-AID is our latest initiative to help our customers feel safe and secure.

We've returned tens of thousands of lost items to their rightful owners, and we protect millions of valuables worldwide.

Our system is simple: activate your recovery tag and place it on the item you're looking to protect. It takes less than a minute to activate, but it comes with lifetime peace of mind. If someone finds your lost item, we will facilitate its return to you from anywhere in the world. ReturnMe then rewards the finder for their help!

TOUCH-AID comes with the ReturnMe service integrated. That way, your keys are protected from loss, and you are protected from touching possibly contaminated surfaces.

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ReturnMe's brand-new product! The first of its kind, a unique touch tool offering unparalleled branding. Your employees will thank you for reducing their exposure to germs. TOUCH-AID is the only touch tool offering lost and found protection! 

Size: 2.76 in long x 1.12 in wide x 0.12 in thick

One-time setup $75, Add branded belt reel for $2.50 

Price Includes:
  • Metal epoxy-domed full-color TOUCH-AID.

  • Touchscreen-enabled (buttons) made out of silicone.

  • Double-sided marketing card included. Premium packaging available.

  • Lifetime ReturnMe service with free return shipping for the first year.

  • 2-3 day shipping within North America.

  • ReturnMe is the importer of record and is responsible for all customs & duties when orders are shipped on ReturnMe's account.

Up to 25% off when combining several ReturnMe products together

How HR teams use TOUCH-AID


Return to Work kit 

Great as part of a PPE welcome kit for employees returning to work or new employees

Protect your colleagues, comply with safety regulations, limit your liability.

Direct mail

At less than 20 grams (0.7oz) and 0.12 inch thick, TOUCH-AID is perfect for direct mail initiatives.  Fits in to a standard #10 envelop and costs under $1 to mail.

Direct mail is a great way to get a hold of your clients, or employees now working from home. We can even handle the fulfillment - a true turnkey solution!


TOUCH-AID is a great giveaway for trade-shows, recruitment events and exhibitions. 


These events will be fundamentally changing in our NEW normal - showing your potential-customers that you care about their well-being is strong brand positioning.

... and more

We are more than glad to help you integrate TOUCH-AID into your campaigns.

Our sales agents will be glad to assist you in finding new and innovative ways for you to use TOUCH-AID. 


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